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Apotheosis of Mobocracy

In History, Philippine Issues, Politics on August 4, 2009 at 4:21 am

Why Arroyo’s Gimmicks at the SONA Do Not Cut It
by Hansley A. Juliano

(Abstract: Following the trajectory inaugurated by Reynaldo Ileto, who champions the writing of “history from below,” this piece attempts to make sense of the little peculiarities characteristic of incumbent President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s State of the Nation Addresses since 2001, when she was swept into the Presidency at the aftermath of the second People Power Revolution, and how these peculiarities contribute to the very nature of the spectacle employed by liberal democracy in perpetuating its hegemony on the masses, kept ignorant by the failure of its very institutions.)

Most members of what almost all oppressive regimes tout as “the silent majority” that tolerates their rule are usually so because they are disillusioned with political participation, which seems to have no valid and effective resolution. They are likely disgusted with the systems of governance practiced the occupying rulers, it must be given, but they are at the same time apprehensive of the opposition sectors which methods are somewhat questionable and disadvantageous to their beliefs and priorities. As such, there is the prevailing ethic of enforced apathy which promotes a fetish for “cooperation” and “consensus,” criticizing any effort for critique and analysis of the underlying presumptions and suppressed actions never shown to the public. This outrageous “demonization” of political practice finds it culmination in the stereotypical notion of politics as “dirty, and therefore a useless endeavour which will only endanger our ethical perceptions.”
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