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Signs of Life

In Culture, Philippine Issues, Politics on August 6, 2009 at 1:36 pm

by Rosselle Tugade

When Corazon Aquino called for the resignation of the current administration and the moral restoration of the country about four years ago, the public barely budged from the fixity of banal modern life, mainly out of discomfort at the thought that another interruption in the everyday cycle of bureaucratic governmentality and putting everyday societal routines at risk through another upheaval. Soothsayers of mainstream media and popular analysts alike have declared since then that the Cory magic has faded into the recesses of memory of an era long gone.

These past five days, I became a scavenger for the sparks set into flight by that same magic. Being the daughter of a former hard-lined activist who joined the millions of people twenty-three years ago in a revolution which resounded all throughout the democratizing world, it was but natural for me to grow up to the tales of the tragedy that was Martial Law and the victory that was EDSA. I remember the sad eyes of my father which were now marked by the lines of time and change. Every story and recollection hungered my naive passion and imagination, fueling my dreams of fighting for my people.

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