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Bakit Hindi sa Kongreso

In Politics on June 2, 2009 at 11:06 am

ni Hansley A. Juliano

Mga ilang pagkakataon na rin akong nasabihan at napadalhan ng mga imbitasyon at anyaya ng pakikibahagi sa mobilisasyon na magaganap bukas sa harap ng Kongreso. Bilang detalye, narito ang isang email na ipinadala sa akin:

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In Culture, Politics on June 2, 2009 at 7:38 am

by Leiron Martija

Technology has indeed provided our world today with a myriad of comforts and improvements, things that people today unknowingly take for granted; electricity, flight, telecommunications, microwavable foods, automobiles, computers, the list can only go as long as assembly lines and R&D teams will it. However and as always, we must consistently pay closer attention to the greater factory, the greater assembly line, the greater product that is produced: socio-political repercussions. With the progressive march of technological advancements comes the socio-political luggage that either deadens humanity’s weight or plants it firmly in the ground. Where automobiles provided the 19th century convenience, nuclear missiles and Russian artificial satellites induced fear and catalyzed moves for the Cold War. Unarguably, however, no technology has inspired more immediate, pervasive and life-changing effects than that of the Internet; the most immediate of changes, at least for me, being the provision of a virtual public sphere for political discourse.
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