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In Economics, Political Economy on May 30, 2009 at 11:41 pm

An Analysis of the Likely Results of the Interplay of Causes and Effects of the Imminent Global Economic Crisis
by Hansley A. Juliano

The present year of 2009 opened with a plethora of various problems, challenges and apprehensions spanning not just developing and troubled nations but even most of the well-developed capitalist economies of the world. It is no surprise, then, that most societies have, with increasing apprehension and paranoia, dubbed this predicament a “global economic crisis.” It is not without reason that, similar to the proverbial “Tragedy of the Commons,” many nations have started tracing and reviewing their books and logs so as to see where precisely their actions for development have gone wrong, leading them to a probable adverse situation when the crisis strikes at full strength. That many analysts, intellectuals and government officials, more so, have pledged to study things further and find plausible solutions did not dampen people’s fear of being hit hard and experience stunted economic growth and mobility, both personal and communal.

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